Here at St Matthew we gather together for extra study focused around the seasons, offering a greater accountability and encouragement from your community.

This focus can come in the form of a more traditional bible study; but it can also extend to other areas such as reading a book together, walking, or honing our prayer and meditation skills.

Throughout the year, we offer a variety of opportunities for parishioners to grow in their Christian faith. We are blessed to have a Christian Education Committee that offers leadership in this area and works closely with the clergy to ensure the programs being offered help participants to deepen their faith and to live that faith out in their daily lives.

These learning opportunities include:

  • Advent and Lenten Studies The penitential seasons of the church year offer a unique and concentrated opportunity to renew your commitment to prayer and scripture reading. These commitments, while important, can often be put aside in the busyness of life.
  • Seasonal Events for Advent & Easter
  • Take home resources (Advent & Lent Devotional Booklets, Advent & Lent resources for families, Our Daily Bread)
  • Discussions: Truth & Reconciliations Commission’s Report.