Pastoral Care

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Pastoral Visitation

St. Matthew’s provides pastoral care in a variety of different ways to all members of the congregation as well as those who seek out the church in a time of personal crisis or need… Read More


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From our very beginning, God has created us to be in relationship with him and to join with him in doing his work in the world. And your desire to receive the sacrament of baptism, or your desire for your child to receive the sacrament of baptism, is a sign that you have answered this call… Read More


Congratulations on your upcoming marriage! We are delighted that you are considering St. Matthew the Apostle, Oriole, as a part of your special day… Read More


Death, no matter when it comes, always catches us off guard. No amount of preparation can prepare us for the death of our loved ones. Having said that, the clergy and pastoral care team at St. Matthew’s are here to support and journey with you through this difficult time… Read More